Who mentors the PhD candidates?

The PhD program is built on our new, multi-level mentoring system, consisting of one of ten main supervisors, a thesis advisory committee (TAC) and fellow students (big brothers/sisters).

The main supervisor is one of the ten faculty members and he/she provides the scientific environment to implement the research and he/she helps improve the student's communication skills by providing feedback on all her/his presentations.

Moreover, the thesis advisory committee is the key improvement; it is composed of the supervisor and two researchers (one of which should be a faculty member) and meets 3 times during the PhD period, evaluating the PhD candidate's progress, giving external advice and support to student and supervisor, and helps to resolve possible conflicts between students and supervisor.

In addition the program is drawing on the support of fellow students assigned as 'big brothers/sisters' to help the junior researchers enrolled in the program, integrate into specific labs, into scientific and social life at both universities.

And not to forget about the administrative support from our coordinator and organizational assistant, who guide the students thoroughly through the PhD process.