Walter Hödl

Walter Hödl (WH), Dept. of Integrative Zoology, Faculty of Life Sciences, University of Vienna
studied Zoology, Botany and Chemistry at the University of Vienna and received a Master in Biology and Chemistry in 1968 and a Doctor in Zoology/Botany in 1974. He worked 1974/75 at the Instituto Nacional de Pesquisas da Amazonia (INPA), at Manaus, Brazil. In 1978 he became assistant Professor, and in 1997 associated Professor at the Dep. of Zoology at the University of Vienna, Austria. Beside, he was appointed guest Professor at the University of of São Paulo, Brazil and at the University of Salzburg, Austria.

WH's main scientific activity is field-oriented research in organismic biology, with particular interest in reproductive strategies, multimodal signaling and spatial behaviour in anuran amphibians. He wants to provide a strong and stimulating base for field zoologists who are interested in every aspect of communication, reproductive biology and spatial behaviour and who let the organisms suggest the important questions. Within his studies, which he regularly undertakes in Amazonia and Central Europe, and occasionally in Central America, Borneo and Africa, he has specialized on reproductive strategies, signal evolution and on spatial and homing behaviour in anuran amphibians.

His innovative work on acoustic and visual signal evolution in amphibians, combining bio-robotics and field biology, has been highly acknowledged in commentaries in renowned journals. Due to the work of W. Hödl, the previously untreated topic of visual communication in amphibians has entered the university text books. With February 2017, WH has been working at the field sites of French Guiana for his 25th time. For more information see the website.