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Tuesday, 31. July 2012

Herpetologists Carl Gerhardt will give a Seminar on August 3rd

Dr. Gerhardt’s research involves both evolutionary and neurobiological approaches to acoustic communication in frogs and toads. The system is particularly suitable for quantitative and experimental studies: males produce complex...

Monday, 30. July 2012

Social learning and culture in Chimpanzees, Humans and Ancestral Apes

Next DK talk with Dr. Andrew Whiten from the University St. Andews will already be on Monday, August 13th 2012 at Lecture Hall 1 at UZA I.

A. Whiten’s research has focused on social cognition, particularly social learning,...

Saturday, 30. June 2012

Summer Semester 2012 is over

But unfortunately only for students at UniVie and not for the DK PhD candidates. They will go for summer schools, conferences or just stay for ongoing research. Anyway, we wish you a fantastic summer 2012 and see you again with a...

Monday, 14. May 2012

CogBio Lecture Series with main focus on Attachment

Another lecture series with great talks on Monday, June 11th 2012. We are happy that Karl Grammer, Judith Solomon and Andrea Beetz will introduce us with different aspects of attachment. For more information please see the...

Friday, 27. April 2012

May 14th: Josep Call will give a talk within the CogBio Seminar!

In a recent analysis of Essential Science IndicatorsSM from Thomson Reuters, Dr. Josep Call was named a Rising Star in the field of Psychiatry & Psychology. His work also ranks among the top 1% among researchers in the field...

Thursday, 1. March 2012

Kathleen Dudzinski gives a seminar on Dolphin communication

Dr. Kathleen Dudzinski has been studying dolphin behavior and communication since 1990 with a focus on tactile, behavioral and acoustic signals employed by dolphins as they share information with each other and across groups.We...

Monday, 27. February 2012

CogBio Seminar SS 2012

Here you can find the program for the CogBio Seminar which is usually on Monday at 13:15 PM at seminar room 3 at the UZA I.

Monday, 5. December 2011

Season's Greetings 2011

Wishing you all the joys of the season.May you be blessed with peace, love and joy.Merry Christmas!

Friday, 18. November 2011

Marta Manser "Coordination, communication and cognition in mongoose species with different social structure"

Marta Manser is an associate professor of animal behavior at the Zurich University. Her principal interest is in animal communication and cognition. She has been involved in the meerkat project for eight years and is responsible...

Saturday, 12. November 2011

CogBio Seminar WS 2011/2012

The CogBio Seminar will be almost every Wednesday 14:15-15:45, at the lecture room 2B201 at the UZA II Geozentrum. You can download the program here. 

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