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Saturday, 27. October 2012

Lorenz Lecture 7.11.2012 - Onur Güntürkün at the UniVie

The Professor for Biopsychology at the Faculty of Psychology at the Ruhr University at Cologne, Germany is looking into the heads of human and non-humans and is exploring "how thinking evolves from Neurons". He is...

Friday, 26. October 2012

Lab Visit Zurich was a great success!

The aim of this lab visit from 22nd to 24th of October was to share information about current research projects of the PhD’s from the University of Vienna (DK Cognition and Communication) and the University of Zurich (Inst. of...

Saturday, 6. October 2012

DK talk with Ronald Noe at Vienna

Ronald Noe who is a long time collaborateur of the Department of Cognitive Biology and actually at the University of Strasbourg, France as Professor at the Department of Psychology and research associate of IPHC-CNRS will give a...

Friday, 5. October 2012

New CogBio Semester starts!

It's a pleasure for us to start the CogBio Semester on October 8th with talks of Raoul Schwing from Auckland Unversity, NZ and Claudia Wascher who is moving with a Post doc position to the University of Valladolid,...

Thursday, 27. September 2012

It's great to welcome Peter Narins again

for a DK talk on Wednesday, October 3rd 2012 from 3 to 5 PM at Lecture Hall 2 at UZA I.

Peter Narins once put an ear to the sand in the Namib desert while studying the golden mole, a blind, nocturnal, vibration-sensing furball....

Wednesday, 26. September 2012

Supervisors meeting

at lovely Mattersburg/Burgenland for negotiations about the next semester. Somebody had to take the picture so that you can see Prof. Huber only as a shadow in the sunset.

Monday, 24. September 2012

PhD Retreat at Neusiedlersee, 3.-5. September 2012

First of all: it was a great experience for all of us!

Many candidates just loved the "Scientific Speed Dating", a formalized method for meeting new people and discussing topics of scientific mutual interest. In...

Wednesday, 1. August 2012

Two more DK talks in summer

We’ll get Dr. Andrea Griffin from the University of Newcastle, Australia for a DK talk about animal innovations on August 22nd and Dr. Thomas Mussweiler, a Psychologist from the University of Cologne, Germany who will talk about...

Tuesday, 31. July 2012

Herpetologists Carl Gerhardt will give a Seminar on August 3rd

Dr. Gerhardt’s research involves both evolutionary and neurobiological approaches to acoustic communication in frogs and toads. The system is particularly suitable for quantitative and experimental studies: males produce complex...

Monday, 30. July 2012

Social learning and culture in Chimpanzees, Humans and Ancestral Apes

Next DK talk with Dr. Andrew Whiten from the University St. Andews will already be on Monday, August 13th 2012 at Lecture Hall 1 at UZA I.

A. Whiten’s research has focused on social cognition, particularly social learning,...

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