PhD Recruitment

We expect to send invitations for interviews around the beginning of April 2021. Interviews take place April 19-21.

Based on the online applications we will invite ~ 20 applicants to a hearing, taking place over 3 consecutive days (April 19th - 21st 2021). The hearing will mainly consist of presentations and interviews.

Considering the Covid-19 situation and travel restrictions, the form of the hearing will have to be determined at a later time. However, we think it's likely that most candidates will join the hearing online, while some might be able to come to Vienna in person. We will accommodate the best solution for each invited applicant.

A decision on the selected candidates will be taken within one to two weeks after the hearing by the faculty members; candidates offered a position have two weeks to accept or to decline. The start date of each candidate may be negotiated with your new supervisor, is expected to be earliest around July and must start lastest by October 1st 2021.