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PhD Retreat at Neusiedlersee, 3.-5. September 2012

First of all: it was a great experience for all of us!

Many candidates just loved the "Scientific Speed Dating", a formalized method for meeting new people and discussing topics of scientific mutual interest. In general the aim of the retreat was to increase the PhD students awareness of the importance of presenting themselves in a short space of time. Additionally, we intended to strengthen the good connections between the students with a strong emphasis on teambuilding processes. Here you can find the programme as a pdf.

The Nationalpark Zentrum Neusiedlersee, namely Harry Grabenhofer, had been a great host for our group and we got an intersting insight in Seewinkel’s biodiversity (unfortunately we had a very dry season). For more information see www.nationalpark-neusiedlersee-seewinkel.at/

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