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kick-off Seminar with Irene Pepperberg

The lecture series as an integral part of the DK-Programm will start on Friday, 20th and Saturday, 21st of May 2011. For the details please see the program.

The main talk will be held by the US scientist Dr. Irene Pepperberg noted for her studies in animal cognition, particularly in relation to grey parrots. The main focus of her work is to determine the cognitive and communicative abilities of these birds, and compare their abilities with those of great apes, marine mammals, and young children. She is studying the mechanisms of their learning as well as the outcomes. Dr. Pepperberg is an adjunct professor of psychology at Brandeis University and a lecturer at Harvard University.

In addition to this plenary talk, Dr. Friederike Range and Dr. Angela Stöger-Horwath will present their research on dog social cognition and elephant vocal communication.

On Friday, the five faculty members Dr.'s Thomas Bugnyar, Tecumseh Fitch, Walter Hödl, Ludwig Huber and Kurt Kotrschal will introduce their research interests and the aims and goals for the DK Programm.

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