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Dorothy Fragaszy "The Complete Capuchin: Wild Monkeys in the New World use Tools"

Lecture Series 2 will start on Wednesday, 28th of September 2011 at 9:00 AM at the UZA II, lecture hall 4. For more information please see the program.

Dr. Fragaszy from the University of Georgia will review mounting evidence of diverse forms of tool-use by wild tufted capuchin monkeys across the drier parts of Brazil, with a focus on the spectacular nut-cracking using heavy stones practiced by monkeys at the EthoCebus Project site in Piuai. 

Beside her presentation, Dr. Sabine Tebbich will talk about the tool-use abilities of Woodpecker finches and Dr. Gyula Gajdon, both from the University of Vienna, will follow up with the problem solving and tool-use of the Kea.


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