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Current Programme

The PhD programme Cognition and Comunication started in March 2011 with the selection of the PhD candidates.  We had chosen 15 candidates out of a total of 136 applicants from 27 different countries (103 females/33 males). The hearing at Vienna University included a public presentation of each candidate of 20 minutes + a discussion of 10 minutes as well as a private interview with the five supervisors and the administrator.

The competition for the PhD positions was extremely high and the standard of talks and interviews were outstanding. We have made our decision on the basis of individual quality, personality and, notably, the fit with our existing groups and students. Furthermore, we took into account if and how the selected candidates might profit from one another in the DK program.

After the drop out of a selected candidate in May 2011 we re-established the advertisement and hearing phase for this position. Out of 44 candidates (33 females/11males) from 15 countries we invited again 5 promising candidates for a hearing at Vienna.

Beside the chosen DK candidates each of the supervisors nominated maximum 2 additional PhD candidates out of his existing team. These associated candidates are externally financed but supported from the FWF with travel money as well. Both DK candidates and associated DK candidates are considered in the same way and have to pass the same procedures as far as curricula and requirements are concerned.

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