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Who will mentor you during your PhD?

The PhD programme is built on our new, multi-level mentoring system, consisting of one of five main supervisors, a thesis committee and fellow students ('big brothers/sisters').

The main supervisor will be one of the five faculty members and he will provide the scientific environment to implement the research and he will help improve the student's communication skills by providing feedback on all her/his presentations.

Together with their supervisor, students will choose two additional scientists (faculty members, postdoc researchers, international collaborators) to form the thesis committee. The function of the committee is to oversee the performance and development of each candidate and to mediate between supervisors and students, if necessary.

In addition the programme will heavily draw on the support of fellow students assigned as 'big brothers/sisters' to help new students enrolled in the programme integrate into specific labs, into scientific and social life at the University of Vienna. 









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