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Foto: © T.Ortner
Foto: © T.Ortner

What will you learn in the programme?

The PhD programme trains a new generation of early stage researchers, and prepares them for the challenges of an internationally competitive career in science. Regardless whether our graduates pursue research careers inside or outside of academia, our main objective is to equip them with a competitive professional profile. Students who have successfully completed our PhD programme will be able to absorb interesting research ideas, elaborate them into publishable results, and communicate these results to both the scientific community and the general public.

Gratuades will get expertise in experimental design, sophisticated analysis techniques, theoretical tools including comparative and multilevel thinking. Combined with our training in transferable soft skills including writing, presenting and time management, this combined background will make them highly competitive in today's very challenging international post-doc market.

To achieve these, our students spend approx. 90% of the time working on their individual projects, and thus are mainly trained through actually doing research in state-of-the-art environments both in Vienna and abroad in our collaborator's labs.

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